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Well I’m sorry I missed last week.  Time once again got away from me.  However I think it might be more than that though.  I think I’m running out of things to say, or rather things I want to say that might interest other people.  I suppose I should be writing this blog more for myself than for everyone else but I feel addicted to gaining followers.  Each week I see more and more people reading which either means people are REALLY board or people like what I have to say.

I’m also somewhat conflicted on the direction I’d like to take in this blog.  I feel like it is very light and easy to read.  Do people want me to go deeper?  Should I make it a general blog with a christian view or a straight up christian blog filled with lots of verses and christian catch phrases?  These aren’t rhetorical questions I’m actually reaching out to you to see what your thoughts are.

For now I’ll just share my random thoughts each week in hopes to either help be better organize my brain or at the very least enterain you for just a few moments.

So, what are your thoughts?


  1. Chris-
    I like getting into your brain. The few posts I’ve read offer a concise viewpoint and a nice glimpse into your world.
    Here’s what I would ask you though: what is the purpose of writing this blog? Do you enjoy the process or is it simply for followers? Followers are the fruit of being followable, of being interesting, and of being honest and vulnerable. So if it’s the latter you’ve gotta do the former, in a sense. You’ve just gotta figure out what it is that you want to tell the world and then find an interesting way to say it.
    I think that if you want this blog to be an outlet for your thoughts in the Christian faith, then start there and stick with that. On the other hand if you want this to be about your life and observations and how your faith frames your outlook so that. And if you want it to reach a specific niche, say Christian techie musicians then write about that. but whatever it is then find something, just one thing and run with it. Also, carry a notebook so you can grab your thoughts when you’re inspired. Inspiration is fleeting, so you gotta be ready. An example would be, as I was just thinking about vulnerability I thought about how dogs show theirs with someone they trust by rolling over on their backs. it’s a sign of submission and leaves the dog vulnerable by exposing their soft underbelly. That’s something you can build into a lead that discusses how sometimes we approach God with our tails wagging, but what we really should do is ask for our bellies to be scratched. Idk, something like that, but just pick a direction, show your belly and write. Keep it up man!

    • Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate what you’re saying. I guess I’ll do a bit of “soul searching” for this blog. Although I do have an idea for my next one 🙂


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