Fun night with good news

Last night was great.  I was able to leave work early and spend a little extra time with Lee.  We went to B-ville diner for dinner and it was pretty good, very filling ($4.00 cheese burger with fries can’t be beaten).  Then we went to Onondaga Lake Park for a while.  It was beautiful.  You can see the whole city from willow bay.  I just wish the water wasn’t so disgusting (thank you allied chemical).  We walked around for a bit and sat and talked on the swings.  We never just sit and talk anymore it was amazing 🙂 nice to get out of the “how was your day” routine.  We went to Pete’s Polar Parlor for desert.  Ice cream is always a good thing.  We got home and I wasn’t feeling so hot so we laid down on the bed and the phone rang.  It was Sarah who is in charge of creative arts at the church (Syracuse Vineyard).  The worship leader for Sunday morning isn’t going to be able to lead this week and she asked if Lee and I could lead.  I haven’t lead a Sunday service before.  It is most exciting and I can’t wait.  I just hope my voice will be up to snuff for it.

Lee has been working with me on my voice for a while now.  I am one of those people who have to try to sing it just like the recording I hear.  I used to listen to a lot of creed and I developed that kind of Annunciation (meeah=me etc…) and that was a chore to try to leave behind.  Breathing is something I still struggle with.  Trying to get the correct breath support so I don’t die out half way through a line in a song.  Not there yet but working hard.

So if anyone is in the area on Sunday and would like to support me (I need all I can get) head down to the Syracuse Vineyard.  Service is at 9:35am…I know that’s early but I would really appreciate it.



  1. can’t wait man!

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