So today started off with a bang.  Apparently we had a power outage at work this weekend.  Normally no big deal everyone just has to turn their PC’s on when they get in.  Today however the PC in the ware house decided it did not want to turn on.  The ware house guy gets in at 7 so when I got in at 7:40 he was in my office saying “When you are all settled in the PC in the warehouse won’t turn on.”  This isn’t one of those when you get around to it type jobs.  No warehouse PC means no shipping which means no money for us which is bad.  So I head back out there hoping he was hitting the power button to the monitor or something stupid like that.  No such luck.  So I had to tear apart the PC to get to the power supply and remove it.  Then back to my office to take the power supply out of an old PC and put back into the warehouse.  It starts up with no issues.  I get back to my desk and my boss (one room over) bellows my name and says he can’t get into the HR software.  *eyeroll* I walk over there and close all of his error messages and voila! Working like a charm.  It is now 8:10am.  Since then no more issues but everyone has been in the monthly meeting all morning so we will see what happens when they are done with that…it’s just been one of those days 🙁

My brother is getting married in November.  He’s 20.  He’s in Iraq and isn’t 100% sure he’ll be back for his own wedding…how do you plan for that?  He’s asked me to be his best man.  That means I have to drive to VA during Thanksgiving for his wedding.  That’s kinda crap if you ask me.  Why can’t he wait till he gets home and plan the wedding properly with his future wife.  That’s not fair to her at all.  Does he just expect to walk off the plane and head to the alter?  She’s a sweet girl but he hasn’t even been dating her for a year yet.  In my honest opinion they are both too young and really don’t know each other well enough to make a life long commitment together.  This is his second fiancee.  I don’t know how to feel about all this.  It’s kind of frustrating to me.  But it’s his life and I’m not the type of person to impose my views upon someone else.  If he asks I will be honest with him but that’s about all I can offer.  I don’t know.

Lee got accepted to graduate school!  Very exciting times are ahead for us I think.  I think neither of us can wait for her to be finished so that we can start planning for the future.  I can’t wait for her to be able to just leave Walmart and never go back.  She will be so much happier I’m sure 🙂

Well I guess I’m done with my rambling for now.  Hope everyone’s Monday (Including mine) is great lol!