So most of you are now aware but I’ve decided to go back and finish my degree program. I’ve submitted all my paperwork and applications. Just a waiting game until classes begin.  I’ve got a lot of mixed feeling about this.  I know that I need to do this.  I know this will be beneficial to my family.  I also know it will be a lot of hard work and sacrifice for the next couple of years.

I feel things are different this time.  When I first went to school I went because that’s what I was “supposed” to do.  I was expected to make something of myself.  I was smart, I got decent grades so I must get a great degree so that I can make great money.  The fact is I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I went to class and gave 1/2 the effort I had to coast through.  Skipped a lot of classes and eventually just stopped going altogether.

I was fairly happy with life this way.  Making just above minimum wage.  Living either with a friend or with my parents.  Things were ok for a while until they weren’t.  I hit bottom when my comfortable retail job disappeared.  Since then I’ve worked my way up.  I’ve fought to get a pretty awesome job at a pretty awesome company.  I’ve reached a point now where I feel like I’m coasting again.  Things are fairly comfortable again.  This time will be different.  I won’t allow myself to get too comfortable I need to be able to press forward and be proactive about my future.  I’m not living for just myself anymore.  I have a family to provide for.  I have a reason for focus.  I have a reason for finishing things that I start.

I suppose that puts a bit more pressure on me to get it right this time.  I’m tired of being a paycheck away from being back where I was ten years ago.  That can’t happen.  That won’t happen.  There are too many people depending on me.  Counting on me to win this time.  It’s time to put aside childish distractions and become the man I was meant to be.