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Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Well I missed my blog last week.  Sorry for that…..instead here are some pictures of my adorable baby….

On Change

So this week I started a new project at work.  This got me to thinking about change.  I was told about all of this happening two days before it happen.  I was filled with all sorts of mixed emotions.  I was excited and nervous, happy and scared all at the same time.  I knew that there would be sacrificed and pay offs.  Let me explain in more detail

We had a customer that was looking for an onsite tech.  We didn’t want to just hire anyone off the street.  We wanted someone with our company DNA ingrained in them (ie: me).   So I was asked to go and work at this customer’s site full time.  Leaving behind the safety and security of my office.  The place where I could just shout for help.  The place I had already learned so much.  I had just gotten used to this idea and thought I’d be OK.  Then people began telling me they wanted to make sure I was comfortable with everything…well I was until you asked! I began to have a mini panic attack.  I had no idea what I was going to be walking into.  Was this place complete chaos or would there be nothing to do? Would the people there resent me? Would they be nice?  I honestly had no idea.

I show up early on my first day out, my typical MO.  I walked in nervously and met with my onsite boss.  Turns out she is pretty cool.  Very laid back and trusts me to do my job.  It’s a nice feeling.

I guess my whole point in all this is there is no point in worrying about change.  There isn’t much you can do to stop it.  It’s going to happen the way it does.  Sometimes it works out in our favor.  Sometime it doesn’t.  The only thing we can control is how we react to it.  It’s easy to freak out and lose control but if we just keep a level head we have a better view of the situation and perhaps see it for what it really is as opposed to this mountain when it’s really just a speed bump.

Now what big changes do you have coming up?  How are you going to handle them?

PS.  Sorry it’s late.  I haven’t had much time this week learning all the new systems to sit and write much 🙂  At least I got it done on the same day 🙂

On Growth

So lately I’ve been trying to better myself in certain areas. Being a better father, husband, worship leader, IT guy. I sometimes feel like I’m being pulled in 100 directions. Something recently came to me thought. If I can focus on one thing at a time in each area I need to grow in it’s not so hard. Example. I want to be a better husband.  I could read hundreds of books on the subject and try to do all the things that they say at once.  First off a lot of them can contradict each other but also I probably wouldn’t get very far.  Instead I’m focusing on one thing; communicating better.  I find that a lot of the stress I’ve encountered in my marriage has been because I’ve told Lee what I think she wants to hear instead of what I really think.  Over the past few weeks I’ve changed that and things seem to be a lot less stressful (by the way I hope you don’t mind me sharing bits of our story here 🙂 )

Now the thing with growing is that it can sometimes hurt.  As I try to become a better worship leader part of that requires me to listen to myself sing and objectively see where I need improvement.  I have in the past been lucky enough to have a great mentor in this (Thanks Ted!) that was able to give me constructive feedback with out crushing my spirits.  But it’s still hard to sit and analyze my mistakes in order to correct them.  If you’re not careful you could give yourself a complex.

You also need to realize there will be set-backs.  It’s rare that as you set out to become better at something you’ll just keep getting better all the time.  You’ll slip up and sometimes you’ll just stay the same.  The important thing to remember is that you need to keep trying.  If you aren’t trying to get better then what’s the point in doing something?  Even in leisure activities. I used to play a lot of online video games (shocker I know).  The whole point is to create a character that keeps getting better and better.  It wouldn’t be much fun if you had the same abilities after the playing the came for a few weeks as you had when you first started.  I think that’s true of life as well.  What fun would it be if we were all still the same people we were in high school (I shudder to think)?

On Vacation

Ok so literally I’m on vacation this week.  I’ll post again next week 🙂

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