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On Purpose

Ok that title could go a couple of ways but in this case I’m going to talk about Purpose itself.  So I’m going to be really cliché here and define purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.  The question I have for you all is simple and complex all at the same time.  What is your purpose.  Is your job your purpose or is it a means to one?  What is your passion?  What makes you get up in the morning and face the day (believe I know that it can be a challenge just to take the sheets off some days). What gets your blood pumping with excitement every time you talk about it?

There are two things that really bring out what our purpose could be.  First is what our passions are.  If you are passionate about something you’ll go out of your way to see it get done.  You’ll fight to make it happen.  The other side is talent.  What are you naturally good at? Now these two things don’t always go hand in hand.  I read an article recently (I unfortunately can’t find the source at the moment) about a man who was a genius with numbers.  He works at a fast food restaurant.  Not because he can’t find a job.  People are offering him jobs analyzing data for stock markets and such but that’s not his passion.    The sweet spot for finding our purpose are to try and find where our passions and talents meet.  Marring the things you like to do with the things you do well.

Now that’s not to say that if you aren’t talented at something you can’t develop it that skill and have it become something your good at.  For example ask me 6 years ago if I would ever become a worship leader and I would have laughed at you.  I couldn’t sing my way out of a paper bag (that’s a saying right?).  But it was my passion but not my talent.  I spent the next few years developing my voice and now I lead the team at one of our church’s locations.  I didn’t have the natural talent but I had the passion.  That passion drove me to gain that talent.

All that being said…what’s your purpose?

How to Run an Effective Rehearsal Pt1

How to Run an Effective Rehearsal Pt1

Great blog post.  I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

On Leadership Part 2


Sorry I cheated a little last week with my re-blog but I’m back to talk about the Summit day 2.  I was able to take a lot more notes this day so it’s a little easier to recall.

I missed most of the first speaker as I was helping park cars but the second speaker Vijay Govindarajan was wonderful.  He spoke on innovation and how to be an innovative organization.  He talked about the three boxes of innovation.  Box 1 was current processes, basically the way things work today.  Box 2 was kind of a sorting box and Box 3 was the box of innovation.  Now you can’t have Box 3 with out Box 1 because Box 1 funds Box 3.  You also need to hold Box 3 to a different set of standards.  Of course the innovations are not going to make you a profit.  They will probably cost you money today. Instead you measure Box 3 on what it learns instead of what it makes.  I kind of associate this to what our church is doing with multi-site.  It’s a pretty interesting infrastructure that I may someday share in another blog post.

The next two speakers, Brené Brown and Oscar Muriu we excellent.  Dr. Brown spoke on how to connect wit the people we work with on a personal level.  A way to create deeper connections with those we lead.  Oscar Muriu spoke on multiplication of leadership.  The biggest thing that kind of stuck out at me is that we as leaders should always be mentoring the next generation of leaders.  As I’m turning 30 next year it just now starts to make sense that there will be people who follow in my wake.  It doesn’t end with my generation.  The other thing that struck me was to never do ministry alone.  Never waste an opportunity to mentor in any given situation.

I don’t remember a whole lot about the last speaker I saw (Dr. Henry Cloud) but I think his main point really did strike me.  The first was how our brain changes with failure.  He calls it the three P’s (Personal, Pervasive and Permanent).  As he explained each of them I kind of wrote down how I interpreted it.  Person – I suck: Pervasive – Everything sucks: Permanent – Everything will always suck.  I know it’s a crude illustration but I think it fits.  I thought that was interesting to see how the brain goes through each of those P’s.

So that wraps up my thoughts on Summit.  I will definitely be going again next year.  It was an amazing experience that I can’t wait to do again!

How to Prepare for Worship

Good post for musicians preparing for a Sunday service….how much of this are you doing?

My post on click tracks

My post on click tracks

Here is my post regarding click tracks posted on the VineyardNY Media Blog.  Check out the other entries there as well.  Lots of good stuff!

On Leadership

Ok first things first.  Last time I wrote on time management and then didn’t post anything next week…and no one called me out on it.  Are you all even reading? 😉

Ok now that we have that out way I’ve spent the last two days learning about leadership.  It’s been amazing learning from all these experts.  There was everything from talks about how to be vulnerable to talks about how to be innovative.  I’m still processing all of this.  I’d like to share some of the big things that stuck out with me. The first speaker that caught my attention was Patrick Lencioci.  His brain works very similarly to my own.  Very “SQUIRREL!” mentality.  He was amazing on telling us why people leave organizations, what makes people hate their jobs. People need to feel needed, feel worth something.  Liz Wiseman was another excellent speaker teaching us how to be leadership multipliers and not diminishers.  Also that a leader does not have to be the one who jumps to the rescue or the one who has to set the pace and assumes that their team will follow.  It was eye opening to think that what I think is helping my team may be setting us back.

Chris Brown (the pastor not the recording artist) spoke about having room in our “chariot” for those leaders who are up and coming.  He was really compelling and entertaining but on top of everything else he said something that really stuck with me.  He said that we are God’s plan A.  I never really thought of it in those terms before.  Sure I’ve done my share of hard work but feel like I’ve kind of just gotten to where I am by a series of accidents.  Looking back they weren’t accidents at all but part of a bigger plan.  It’s something I’m still working through in my head.  The thought that God has planned all of this for me since before I was born.

All of that happened on the first day!  I’m still going through my notes from today and I’ll post more about that next week. It’s been so much information and an amazing experience.  I can’t wait to start implementing some of these changes in my team and really can’t wait for next year already!

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