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A worship leader’s journey part three

I learned a lot from that service.  I learned that you didn’t have to spend the first half of rehearsal trying to keep the band in tempo.  I learned the actual benefit of the click track.  It not only keeps the band together but also adds another layer to the music.  I learned that it’s OK for a worship set to have a high production value. 

I took all of this back to my site.  I’ve slowly been impletmenting click/tracks into our service.  I’ve been working on creating more seamless transitions between songs.  Generally increasing the production value at my site.  There has been some resistance to change as expected but for the most part things seem to be moving in the right direction.  As we move forward towards using clicks in each song I feel that we can only get better!  

One other other big takeaways that I’ve gotten is to be intentional in everything I do.  Not just picking songs because they sound good together but also because the fit together thematically to bring people to the presence of God.  Rehearsing the introduction before service (I’m a horrible public speaker). On weeks when the band is small do a proper acoustic set, not just leave out an instrument because someone isn’t there.  Memorizing my music has helped as well.  If I know where the song needs to go and don’t have to think about it I can better direct the band as well as listen to what God is doing in the room. 

I’m excited for the future of the worship team at my site.  This is a great group of amazingly talented people who work excellent together.  I know we can only grow from here!

I’m going to make an effort to make this a weekly update.  What kinds of things would you like to see on here?

A worship leader’s journey part two

After the birth of Liam life got rather hectic.  I wasn’t sleeping hardly at all.  I was emotionally and physically drained.  I didn’t know what to do.  It was effecting my ability to lead worship.  I spoke with Ted and I took a little time off and after that break we got back together and put together a training plan as I really had no clue how to lead a team, or recruit or anything really.  As part of this training I was going to lead at our main site once a month.  I hadn’t lead there in over 2 years and I knew a lot had changed.  He also wanted me to record my worship sets so he could provide feedback.  This was greatly welcomed.  I haven’t had feedback from a worship leader…well ever.  I didn’t know what I was doing wrong so how could I get better.

So we set out and started this program.  I recorded my worship set that weekend and received my feedback.  Not as bad as I thought it was going to be and very constructive.  A few weeks later I was set to co-lead my first time in Syracuse.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I spent the week memorizing music and listening to the songs over and over again.  I arrived at 2:00 for rehearsal and was completely stunned on how quickly everything went.  We usually spend the first two songs adjusting monitors.  This was one right after the other with no break in between.  It threw me for a loop.  So much so that I completely forgot what my second song was…no chords no lyrics I had nothing in my head.  I ended up needing my music sheets which I had spent all week memorizing.  I felt a little defeated but service went well so I couldn’t really complain.

Stay tuned for part three!

A worship leader’s journey

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a proper posting.  I guess I’m at a loss for inspiration.  

As most of you know I lead the worship team at the Auburn site of VineyardNY.  I was kind of thrust into that position a few years ago as there was no real leadership there.  I had no real training.  I had lead worship but never been over a whole team before. Things were ok for a while as we kind of coasted through.  No real big changes to how things were done and no real improvements either.  In late 2011 we had a leadership change at the church.  We hired Ted to be our worship pastor and that point many things began to change I felt lost in the current.  

We began a new shift toward a more modern sound in worship.  He also cast the vision to be Engaging for the unchurched and worshipful for the churched.  This concept wasn’t completely foreign to me but it was shown in a new way.  We also were introduced to click-tracks.  What a strange idea having an ipod tell me what part of the song to play next.  Also we were to sing the songs exactly like they are on the recording.  This didn’t sit well with me as I don’t fancy myself a great singer.  I can carry a tune enough to get by but to stay true to what is on a professional recording seemed impossible.

As time went by not much changed at the Auburn site.  We kept doing things the way we always had.   We coasted along thing this is fine.  I rationalized it as out demographic was older and we would lose a lot of people if we made any changes.  Things we fine that was for a while. Until I had a big event (Birth of my first son 🙂 ) that changed a lot of things. 

I’ll pick this story in my next post 🙂   Gotta leave you wanting more.  😉

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