Wow it certainly has been sometime since I’ve written about life the univerise and everything.  So as I last left you I was working as the Datanet (filed for bankrupcy 10/3/08…oops I did it again…).  Since then I worked for Carrols (they own most the the BK’s in the northeast and two other chains down south) as their answering service.  Once they noticed how awesome I was they put me on third shift answering calls.  That was kind of crap but it was decent money.  While I was doing that Lee and I moved to Camillus and have been there ever since.  My dad had mentioned a job opening at a company he works with.  They were looking for an “IT Guy” so I threw my resume that way not thinking I would even get a call back.  Long story short I’ve been working at Harrison Industrial Supply for the last three months as their Systems Manager :-).  Oh…I think I may have left something out…Oh yeah…I GOT MARRIED :-D.  Lee and I got married on June 14th.  There was all sorts of wedding drama but anyone who has been married already knows all about it (if you reeeeeealy want to know more about let me know :-P).  So now the question that everyone has been asking is “so when are you guys going to have kids?”  WHEN WE FEEL LIKE IT!!!  😛  We’ve been talking a lot about that and it may be sooner than later, but we don’t know yet.  Not going to sweat it right now 🙂  Not sure what else I have to update you on.  I feel like I don’t talk to anyone anymore.  I’m sure that just as much my fault as anyone else’s.  Anyway that’s a breif summary of what’s been going on in my world.  I’d love to hear from you guys and know what’s been going on in your world.  Drop me a line sometime!

Hope to hear from you all soon!